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History of CCMRP

A few service minded business men of Thanjavur, who assembled on a Spetember evening in 1982, discussed that they should do something very useful to the society, in the long run. Our National Poet Bharathi's words struck their minds which quotes: "Formation of gardens bearing rare and sweet fruits construction of Water resources with sweet and abundant water, Erecting charitable inns in thousands buildings temples in tens of Thousands of all these, to teach Alphabets to a poor little boy in Several times more charitable".
The assembled members resolved to teach Alphabets, but, in technical subjects, and decided to start a polytechnic in the Private sector, under the management of Chamber of Commerce Educational and Charitable Society", of Thanjavur, Registered it in 1983.
The land forehousing the polytechnic extending to 25 acres in Kuruvadi village, Thanjavur, was donated free of cost by Sri Manali Ramakrishna Mudaliar, Hereditary Trustee of Sri mangadu Kamatchiamman Koil, Chennai, and the institution had been named after him viz" Chamber of Commerce Manali Ramakrishna Polytechnic, Thanjavur."
Chamber of Commerce Manali Ramakrishna Polytechnic was started in the year 1984 and nearly 1200 students are studying in this institution. The following Six Diploma Courses (Three year duration) are being conducted in this institution.
- Civil Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Electrical & Electronics Engineering
- Electronics & Commn. Engineering
- Computer Engineering
- Information Technology
The College has a well-qualified faculty of 65 Teaching Staff, 20 Supporting Staff and 10 Administrative Staff.
The College provide Technical skils, updating knowledge on Engineering Subjects, personality development and service to the Society