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National Service Scheme (NSS) is permanent youth programme under theMinistry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India and the Expenditure is shared by the Central and State Government in ratio 7:5. Though NSS was started in the year 1969 the same was introduced in Polytechnic Colleges during the year 1983-1984. During this Year , 191 Polytechnic Colleges spread all over the State have been selected to implement the programme involving more than 28000 student volunteers.In our Polytechnic College N.S.S.Unit was started on 1987-1988. Now two units are functioning with 200 volunteers .

Program Officers
1. Mr.N.Jagadesan , HOD / Mechanical Engineering
2. Ms.M.Parameswari , HOD / First year


Development Scheme near by Village

Our College N.S.S . has provided TV sets to poor families at Kuruvadi Village. Rain water harvesting tank was built at Thottakkadu Village and also Oral Polio Drops were given to children at this Village . Hand pumps were repaired and platform was constucted ,free EYE camps were conducted and large number of old people had been treated for the cataract problem . General Medical Camp was conducted and large number of people were checked for Diabetic ,Jaundices and pressure diseases, treatment was given them . Plantation of seeding were done at Arasur village . Rain water Harvesting Tank was built at Panchayat Union Primary School , Ammanpettai . Flag hoisting pole with stage was built at Gandhiji Middle School , Arkad and Government Adidravidar Middle School at Manakarambai Villages . Every Year , Blood donation camp was aranged and 120 units of blood was given by our students to Government Hospital , Thanjavur. School dropouts of villages are selected and Technical Education like Welding , Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning , Computer ,Wiring techniques were taught. In our College we conducted a Inter Polytechnic Camp for Leadership Motivation.


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